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Seeed Studio

Pioneering Embedded AI Partner

seeed studio edge ai artificial intelligence

Founded in 2009, Seeed Studio stands at the forefront of global hardware innovation, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with an expansive presence across the US, Japan, Germany, and manufacturing in China and Vietnam. Specializing in IoT and AI, Seeed offers a spectrum of open hardware, design, and agile manufacturing aimed at lowering the threshold of hardware innovation. As an Elite NVIDIA Jetson Partner, Seeed streamlines edge AI development, supporting digitalization across industries by partnering with developers, integrators, and distributors worldwide, making it the go-to partner for edge AI solutions.

Smart Spaces
Smart Retail
Smart Security
APH edge AI
One Planet edge AI
Ergsense edge AI
RF Explorer edge AI
Kinghoo edge AI

We're uniting Seeed's AIoT hardware expertise with PNY's comprehensive platforms for Smart Cities & Spaces, making advanced AI accessible, streamlined, and efficient. This collaboration empowers developers globally, catalyzing smarter environments and showcasing our commitment to cutting-edge technology and a global AI ecosystem.

Leslie LiaoVP of Edge Computing at Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio Solutions

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Revolutionize your industry

Unleash the power of Edge AI innovation with Seeed Studio’s hardware of the Jetson Platform ! Discover solutions that are revolutionizing industries like Retail, Agriculture, Transportation, and more. See how companies made a positive impact with AI at the Edge.

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