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Remark AI

AI-driven video analytics with real-time event alerts. For enhanced safety, security & identity.

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We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning onto existing CCTV systems to transform video content into actionable intelligence for rapid review with real-time alerting. Keeping workers, spaces, and valuable assets safe along with buildings secure.The depth of our video analytics maximizes the ROI of an organization’s video surveillance system with operational savings, enabling teams to: Identify people and objects at scale, take action with data-driven intelligence and real-time alerts and rapidly analyze video content that can influence and optimize operations.

SmartStadium Safety
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We are delighted with the performance of Remark’s Smart Safety Platform. It gives us the analytical insights into crowd counting and traffic patterns, allowing us to better manage our security presence and ensure the safety at high turnout events. We are now looking to further deploy Remark’s Platform to other cameras. As we continue with the future 3rd street expansion of the Fremont Street Experience and to utilizing Remark’s full suite of video analytics.

Mark ReddonDirector of Security, Fremont Street

Remark AI solutions

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Smart Stadium

Remark AI extracts video content from existing CCTV to deliver data-driven intelligence, enabling event organizers to see patterns and track trends over time, better plan and manage traffic flow, and offer insight into optimal concession areas, and security teams visibility on overcrowding and access points. Understanding the number of people and traffic flows enables operations, security, and event organizers to deliver a safer environment, uncover revenue opportunities and deliver a positive visitor experience.

AI Smart Cities

Remark’s AI-driven video analytics solution provides state-of-art performance in object and behavior recognition, seamlessly integrating with your existing CCTV system to optimize city operations & services, increasing public safety, supporting law enforcement, maintaining a smooth transport network and protecting property in complex urban environments, making a better place for citizens to live, work and get around.

smart city remark ai edge AI professional solution NVIDIA Smartcow PNY

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