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Revolutionizing Smart City with Edge AI Solutions

edge AI professional solution NVIDIA Smartcow PNY

Founded in 2016, SmartCow excels in crafting AI pipelines for resource-constrained devices. We provide end-to-end solutions, from essential video analytics technologies to turnkey software systems for data-centric projects. SmartCow mission is to create systems that empower productive, safe, and meaningful lifestyles. With advanced AI algorithms and intelligent systems, we aid individuals and teams in making informed decisions. SmartCow is committed to expanding its AIoT ecosystem, simplifying and enhancing living and working conditions worldwide.


We are excited to be developing additional AI projects and building more smart cities for our clients, alongside the PNY team. Our AI algorithms, intelligence systems and resulting insights help PNY customers make informed decisions and build systems that enable productive, useful, safe and healthy lifestyles.

Ravi Kiran. KSmartCow Founder & CEO

SmartCow solutions

smart agriculture edge AI professional solution NVIDIA Smartcow PNY

Smart agriculture

Mars -- SmartCow's MARS is based on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin platform; it offers precise pesticide delivery installed on a large commercial tractor. The platform enables efficient coverage and the ability to treat vast agricultural areas

Smart parking

SmartCow helped Toyota Connected India to build Smart parking up their ALPR access with our NVIDIA Jetson based solutions. With state-of-the-art deep learning capabilities in our software defined hardware, SmartCow's solution provides seamless and precise license plate recognition to complete the smart parking management.

Smart parking edge AI professional solution NVIDIA Smartcow PNY

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