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Smart Retail

Unlocking the future of retail: Our innovative Edge AI solutions enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and maximize profits

Powering intelligent retail with AI

AI-powered intelligent stores empower retailers to acquire insights into in-store customer behavior for more effective merchandising, curtail losses from shrinkage, and to prevent stockouts. Leveraging computer vision and AI, these stores generate valuable analytics, facilitating informed decision-making, operational enhancements, and efficiency gains.

Intelligent stores edge AI professional solution NVIDIA Smartcow PNY

1. Intelligent stores

AI drives store intelligence through computer vision analysis, customer insights, and operational efficiency. It monitors customer behavior, manages inventory, and analyzes foot

2. Intelligent Supply chain

Retail leaders are leveraging Intelligent Supply Chain solutions to stay ahead of buying trends, automate fulfillment processes, expedite deliveries.

Intelligent Supply chain

PNY Expertise : Meeting retail efficiency demands

PNY Technologies takes the lead in the Edge AI revolution, aggregating top-tier hardware providers, independent software vendors, and integrators. Our expertise focuses on bolstering intelligent stores and supply chains, enhancing efficiency and customer insights. Through innovative solutions, we empower businesses to streamline operations, optimize fulfillment processes, and drive success.

Your path to AI excellence begins here

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Your path to AI excellence begins here.